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Are you looking to take your recruiting skills to the next level? 

Join the Certified Chat GPT Recruiting Professional program, which is the first of its kind in the industry. Through this program, you will learn the latest strategies and techniques that will help you achieve unprecedented success in your hiring endeavors. Upon completing the program, you will receive a certification that will demonstrate your expertise to potential employers and set you apart from the competition. Don't miss out on this opportunity to advance your career.

The ChatGPT Recruiter Certification Curriculum is a comprehensive course that empowers you to harness AI-driven recruitment. By leveraging ChatGPT, you'll be able to redefine your recruitment strategies and achieve more in less time.

Who Is This AI Recruiter Certification Course For?

Recruiters who wish to amplify their hiring techniques through artificial intelligence.

Sourcers who want to know how to use chat GPT for talent sourcing

TA Leader who wants to learn the best practices and capabilities of ChatGPT or Artificial Intelligence regardless of previous experience with ChatGPT or artificial intelligence.

Course & Certification Benefits:

- Master ChatGPT: Learn about ChatGPT's recruitment applications.

- Enhance Efficiency: Integrate ChatGPT for streamlined hiring.

- Save Time & Resources: Learn techniques for efficient candidate screening.

- Real-World Insights: Explore the success stories of AI-driven recruitment.

- Step-Step Guidance: Access a detailed guide to ChatGPT integration.

- Practical Skills: Engage candidates with personalized experiences using ChatGPT.

- Ongoing Support: Stay abreast of AI-driven recruitment trends.

Overview of Chat GPT Recruiter Certification Curriculum

Course Work:

  • Interactive Lessons: Engage with modules and lessons, complete with questions and tasks essential for certification.

  • Chat GPT Lab Work: Access the exclusive RecruiterDNA Chat GPT Lab.

  • 1:1 Live Sessions: Schedule time with the instructor for progress checks, Q&A, and project reviews.

  • Culminating Project: Show off your GPT skills. Collaborate on a final project, applying all the learned skills.

  • Access to our Private Community Forum: Exclusive for certification students and graduates. Stay updated and plugged in with the latest AI tools, plugins, updates, and best practices for AI and Talent Acquisition.


You are one step away from becoming one of the first recruiting professionals to become a Certified Chat GPT Recruiting Professional. You will be awarded your official certificate upon successfully completing all curriculum components.


- We will work around your schedule for 1:1 coaching and lab work.

- Enrolled students will have 90 days to complete all coursework and curriculum components.

- We offer private team training.

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Embrace the future of recruitment with this interactive certification course. No prior experience is needed to embark on this transformative path. Take the bold step towards redefining hiring.

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